Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Since our recent move to Wyoming, we have felt quite lonely.  Of course we had each other, but; sometimes a girl just needs a coffee shop buddy, and a guy needs some 'man time', or whatever they call it. :) Lo and behold the day I met Katie.  We hit it off right away and spent all day together, then the next and the next.  She has a little man the age of almost 2, and I had Nora.  So we took them to the park, coffee shop, stroller ridin' downtown as we hit up the little shops and cooked dinner for the men, plus two good loafs of homemade zucchini bread in which one loaf exploded (a whole other story).  It was like a match made in girlfriend heaven.

So to stop myself from rambling on about our mishaps and adventures.  The whole reason behind this post is the show off my new friend! :) Katie's birthday is coming up, tomorrow to be exact.  So we spent an evening shooting at the local car dump (my new fav spot)! Too bad the men were working and our kiddos who had to come along were being possesed by the boo-hoo bunny, or else we could have gotten a lot more accomplished.  :)  But I think we did okay with what we had. so here they are, oh & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE!

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