Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jude the Dude, Pt. II

On the outskirts of Downtown Gillette lies an enormous car pile junk yard, among other things.  Being that Jude (the dude) loves cars so much, it was only fair that we took him to the this spot for his photos!  He was so overwhelmed, he hardly once would even look at the camera. :) It was like I was interrupting his adventure.  We had a blast, and the sun set too early for our eager hearts.  I do believe we will be back.  Happy 2nd Birthday Jude!!

Jude and his Momma, watching an airplane go by.

Katie wasn't prepared for a photoshoot, but I had to throw her in for one. :)

A somewhat successful attempt at lens blur with the lens, not photoshop.

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