Monday, October 5, 2009

Old Man Winter

Everyone kept saying, "Wyoming better get ready for a bad winter!" or "Oh lord, you're gonna have a big winter ahead..." while making a face of fear and anxiety, for me.  I just smiled and replied, "yeah, that's what they say..." My mind drifting off to the vision of me looking outside the window to the most beautiful winter I'd ever experience.  I know, maybe I won't wander outside the house for months due to the inclement weather, I might go a little stir crazy and I just might, and slightly already have, make heapings of soup like I was feeding an army! But this is what it's all about! Experience a different life. I've never lived anywhere that snow would be such a regular guest all winter long.  Especially loads of it! I say,  bring it on! Old man winter, show me what you got! :) *(I'll probably refer back to this blog months down the road, cursing myself..) haha.
I'm going to post a picture that wasn't taken today.  It was taken the day Dustin purposed to me, on the walk to the creek, before he got down on his knee.  Me in my cowboy boots, in the clover, on my farm.  It means a lot to me.  It makes me think of Dorothy looking at her shoes and clicking them three times, wanting to go home.  Wishing those boots (or heels) where stomping on her familiar land again.  And whenever I get to missing home, I pull out that picture, and smile. :) And remember, my boots where meant for more than just home...
So here's a few pics I snapped this morning.  Although, it had already melted a bit because Dustin got up with Nora and let me sleep in. [ain't he sweeeeet]! And here's a pic of my good ole' boots in the Wyoming snow!

I hope your heart is warm, for the weather aint. :)

Better start heating up that soup!

Her first snow of the season! Look at that face!

The tree outside our Apt.

My poor car, in the driveway.

Nora in the window with Daddy.

I love this face!

and then she was over it. :)


  1. Thats great Em, I love your pictures, so beautiful. Have fun in the snow!

  2. I didn't mean to lie to you (this is Shauna from Twitter by the way, or rather my daughter's account). It usually doesn't snow THIS much THIS early :) I don't start getting sick of the snow until it is April/May/June and still snowing, then I'm ready for it to be gone! Looks like it might be a wet winter though.

  3. Love you pictures Emily....Can't wait for the snow to start falling here....but I'm loving this KY Fall weather, the leaves are starting to turn and every morning I have to have my Pumpkin Spice Latte....Ther's just something about Autumn that's amazing...Wish you were here too.....