Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stop, Drop & Pose.

As I was going back thru my friend Katie's photos, I stumbled upon this one.  I find it encompasses what motherhood is all about.  Somehow, Mama's can always stop, drop & pose during chaos.

During this particular shoot, her little man Jude and my little one Nora were both coming un-done.  I mean screaming, tears and fits.  The sun was setting and we were dying to get something worthy for our attempted shoot.  Here Jude won't leave his momma alone so we can shoot, and is right up under her tail like a little ducky.

Isn't it true, & I know all mothers do this, that when your mom's screaming, yelling and the kids are going crazy the water is boiling over and the dog's a barking- that if the phone rings, a mother can pick that receiver up and say, "Hello?" in such an endearing, kind & calm way?

:) I just find it all hilarious.

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