Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Victory

It's something we've always talked about.  Something I've always dreamed about as a kid.  Something I never really thought would happen.  You know, like when you really want something, but it seems too big of an idea, too much hassle or confusion... "Well why leave your family and friends, and go somewhere where you don't know anybody?" ...I could always hear them say.  "What's so bad about it here?"...and so on. And you know, they just don't get it.  It's not about Kentucky. It's not home that I'm running from.  Heck, I love Kentucky.  I really do, I even teared up when the song, "My Old Kentucky Home" played thru my iTunes the other day- got so touched I even made it my new ringtone. No lie. What it is, is the simple taste of adventure.  Something new.  Opening my eyes and mind to a different way of life, a new town, new people.  Not too mention the scenery to boot. I've just always seen myself running off with someone, doing what a lot of people can't seem to do.  Just let go of whatever it is rooting you, and set free.  The timing is right.  Nora is small enough that schooling isn't a factor.  We're starting our life together.  I just couldn't see a better start then taking off and having just ourselves to take care of each other.  I believe this is why the special forces of fate (if you believe in so) has put us together.  We're the same in one.  We both have the ideas and dreams, and Dustin is just the right guy to put them in motion.  I believe we need someone in life that says, "Why not?" as opposed to, "We just can't, it's not logical."

So here we are, in the great, wide-open, beautiful state of Wyoming.  I took a deep breath right thru my nostrils and the smell is of sweet victory.  I did it, I made into reality something that had been put in my mind was too far fetched.  The drive from the airport in Montana to our hometown of Gillette was my new passage to life.  The sky was a beautiful blue and the clouds were fluffy and perfectly weightless.  The scenery, wow, I can hardly sum into words.  Untouched, natural, spacious. Perfect. This was my new home.  My new home. Did I just say that! WAHOO!! I just had to let it out. :)

Our life together now seems nothing short of a million possibilities and lots of unknown treasures.  I love not knowing what's to come, it's what keeps me alive.

So... are you wondering what we're doing to survive? Thinking these crazy kids don't have a clue? haha. We're aren't that crazy, here's the rundown: Dustin applied for the paper in Provo, Ut for their Staff Photojournalist position.  He then received a phone call from the paper in Gillette, WY (that was affiliated with the Provo paper) and they were impressed with his website (  and wanted to fly him out for an interview.  They offered him the job and he accepted.  So he is working here as a photojournalist for The News Record, ( and I am starting up my photography business here in town.  

P.S. How sad it would be, to be an old lady with a lot of "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's."- that just scares the daylights right outta me!

em :)


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  1. Emily!! Let me start by saying how PROUD I am of you and Dustin! You both are going to do GREAT! You are really living the dream! I LOVE you 3 SO much and can't wait to see you all again.