Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm going to be a wifey!

So here's how it went.

It was the Thursday before our "big" move.  We had been to town that day, running errands, picking out plates, bedding, furniture, shower curtains & all, you know, the usual.  Dustin mentioned, "We should take a walk on the farm tonight." I'm pretty sure I said something like, "yeah, sure, that would be great, don't think we'll have the time. I'd rather go out to eat with TA & Cody one last time before we leave." something like that. And that was that.

So we return home from our outing, Dustin is watching Nora for me and I decide to do some editing, emailing, that sort of thing.  I'm upstairs, in my room, at my desk- totally oblivious to the fact that Dustin is downstairs scheming with everyone for the big Q! I take a break, call TA (who isn't answering), and start leaving her messages about not calling me back, and I'm hungry- I know you are too, let's go EAT! etc! I go downstairs and Dustin has changed and has Nora snapped to his chest and says, "let's go for a walk, please?" I decline, mention I'm hungry (for the 100th time). Say it's already 7 and I'm going to get all nasty and sticky out there in that heat and won't look good for our dinner. (what? I'm a girl. & Ky humidity is insane).  So after about 20 min. he talks me into taking a walk. (I know, I caved) he just looked so sweet strapped to our baby girl.  I put on a Carhartt hat, white tee & cowboy boots and grab my camera. Completely ready for nothing more than the farm, cow do-do and mosquitos.  before we are even halfway down the lane, my camera dies! Ah! & the light was glorious that evening, I look back towards the house, and Dustin begs, "noooo, let's just take the walk?!" again, I cave.  and slightly boo-hoo because I'm not kidding, the light was glorious.  Then I hear my Dad hollering, I turn around holler back, "Whaaaaattt??" and he hollers, "Have a good time!!!" - and that was really odd. My Dad never just says something like that.  Still, I'm not catching on.

We walk past the first barn, it is a worn black color, with a big Kentucky state pained white above the double doors.  I take a deep breath and get a little choked up.  I realize this is probably the last time I walk on the farm before the move. But, I fight back the tears and play it cool.  Then we walk past this old fort that had been standing until a couple summers ago that me and my cousins, brother & sister made when we were little. We spent everyday back there with Papaw while he worked, getting into all sorts of trouble and adventure.  And I mention to Dustin how beautiful Kentucky can be. Then play it cool before I get all emotional.  Moving along we're almost to the creek and I stop him.  Something in the air was just, (this is about to get corny, but I swear) magical.  Serene. Peaceful.  Something was just right. I hug Dustin and Nora and felt inclined to shoosh them and make them soak up the moment.  Grasshoppers were fluttering, the alfalfa was high enough for a cutting so it swayed a bit in the breeze. The sun was setting and the cloud coverage was amazing.  You could see the rays beaming thru on the grass and over the hills.  You could hear the crickets and the little bugs everywhere.  The cows were grazing and moving around, the occasional moo and the creek was right along side of us.  It was my heaven.

And then Dustin's moves me along in a hurry to get to the creek.  Opens the gate.  And I say, "You wantin' to cross that creek?"
"No. Just want to see something...."
"What? You're acting wierd...."

Then I hear a guitar.  I do a 360...
"Did you hear that?"

Then out pops Cody from under the bride singing and playing the guitar.  No lie, I say,
"Oh hey Cody!"

Then as I turn back to Dustin, he's on his knee!!! I immediately start balling. Then out pops TA with the video camera.  Then out pops my cousin Melissa with her camera. I can't seem to focus or hear a word Dustin is saying. He's wrote something and is reading it off a paper, but all I can think/hear/see is the moment.  I can't believe this is it.

& I said yes!

It was the perfect moment, the perfect night.  I am so happy to be engaged to my best friend. :) Life is so unpredictable. It takes so many twist and turns and before you know it, you look back and see how far you've come and can see so clearly the path you were on.  All while feeling lost and unsure of the future.  And to think, I'm still young, there is so much more to experience and treasure, but now it's certain that it won't be a lonely journey.  I am so blessed. :) Wahoo!!!



  2. Emily....I just now visited your blog and I'm sitting here at my computer crying like a baby....I'm so happy for you and little Nora....I'm so happy you know within your heart he's the one....see I always told you that you would just know...I couldn't explain it for you because you had to feel it for yourself....Love all the pictures....