Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tour Guidin'

After the wild partying on Nora's birthday, a few of the partygoers and myself, wanted more excitement. So we decided an excursion to the farm would be the perfect end to a perfect afternoon.

We all hopped in Dustin's Grandfather's big ole' Dodge and I grabbed the camera.  I was beyond excited at this point because I love to show off the farm, and most everyone with us had never seen it! Score! So I was yapping the whole time, talking about how I was baptized on this here creek and telling stories of summers with papaw and my cousins, building forts,  falling off the back of the truck, farm dogs and barn cats and diggin up worms for fishin.

As I could tell from everyone's faces, they were pretty excited and into it all as well. But I had this one particular tourist who was beyond excited, he was tore up from the floor up.  And all about the cows. Mr. Jackson, little man himself could not keep it together. The entire time he hollered, "Moo Cow!" and his face lit up like it was christmas eve and he caught Santa under the tree.  I'm not even kidding, see for yourself...
Now get a closer look...

What did I tell ya? So sweet...

Riding down the lane..

Jackson and his Momma, Jessica

Moo Cow!

All the wild partygoers, L to R: Briana, Tara, Jared, Jessica, Jackson, and Aunt Judy

Our Kentucky Barn

Aunt Judy, Myself, Jessica and Jackson

He was excited, eh?! :)

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