Sunday, January 10, 2010

A little show with your meal.

When shooting clients on my farm, I always make sure to keep them entertained. Especially the wee little ones.

During a shoot yesterday, big man Daylin got to see my Dad feed hay to the cows. Not only did he get to see it, but we got stuck right in the middle of the whole show.  As my clients and I were driving the big Ford Diesel to the back of the farm on our lane, we got caught between the cows and my dad, driving the tractor behind us hauling 2 round bales of hay.  It was a slow process, driving thru a herd of cows, but Daylin lit up and enjoyed every minute of it.  We came to a rest at the back barn and let my Dad pass on thru, with the cows following.  I did a little shooting during it all, because, well, duh.  Here's a few shots.  Mostly from the truck.

*photos from this shoot will be up soon!

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