Monday, December 7, 2009

Passin' down the Tradition.

There's one thing I know for sure about Kentucky.  It is country.

My brother and I flew in to Ky and surprised our family this past week.  I really enjoyed sneaking in and shocking everyone...and I literally snatched Nora from the car seat, ran super fast from the car in the driveway to the front door to ring the doorbell and wanted to pee my pants.  My Dad opens the door, his eyes bug out and he says, "Oh my gawwhhdddd!"...just like that. Perfect.

Since I've been away for a while, coming back was like seeing my home place in the eyes of a visitor.  It was weird. Slightly sad.  A little bitter sweet & a whole lot of memory filled sighs. I went to Target and lingered off the lips of the strangers and their super redneck accents.  It was like comfort food. I am seeing rain instead of snow.  The cold here is nothing compared to Wyoming.  I am actually in person with someone I know.  The girl at the store, I know her! The UPS man, that's my cousin! The old man in the truck waving, that's my Uncle!!! It's so nice. just really, so, nice.

The best part?  Going to the farm with my Dad for the first feeding of the year.  I let Nora ride in his old farm truck in my lap (not on the road, of course). We listened to old country music and watched him hook  up and exchange the tractor's front loader to the picks (that's just what I call them) so he could grab a roll of hay on the front and back.  We stood out in the back field waiting for him to come and tried to call the cows like my late Papaw did, (SULLLKKKK! SULK!), it was amazing. Refreshing.  Best of all, we were passing these memories down to my little one.  The next generation.  My dad is her papaw.  Like how my papaw was to me.  I'm pretty sure I could stay back on the farm the rest of my life.  Never come back to civilization, the crappy hussle bussle. Just live off the land and have a simple, country life. How peaceful does that sound.

And here are some shots from that wonderful, history in the making day.

Our front barn. Good ole Kentucky Barn. & my Daddy.

Feeding.  Can you spot my Dad up top there on the tractor?

Papaw's Girl.

Starting the tradition.


nom. nom. nom.

Nora, this is a cow pie...Cow pie, this is Nora.


Tired from a hard day's work.

Bring it on home.

Hard work deserves good sleep.

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