Thursday, December 10, 2009

I heart PJ

Once upon a time, I attended the WKU Appalachian Cultural Project as a Labbie.  It was an amazing experience, yet sadly the only PJ workshop (other than the Strobist Lighting one) that I attended while studying PJ at WKU.  At times I catch myself needing more than just portraiture photography, I need the story, the grit and grime of Photojournalism.  It's true photography at it's best form.  I feel as if I've lost that side of myself, now that I'm a mommy.  My identity has changed, along with my subject(s).  I have been contemplating going back, just for the love of it.  Not sure I'd ever actually work as a PJ for a paper, per se. But I just seriously, whole-heartedly love photojournalism and being a photojournalist.  I miss the darkroom  and film, developing and laughing, learning and deadlines, critiques and failure with a little success. There is nothing more therapeutic than telling stories without words. It's in the silence of the photo, that we are heard. -me.

So here are some of the photos I snapped in between labby-ing at the workshop.  Oddly enough, I felt so at home in Eastern Ky.

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