Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I've barely, if not at all, spoken of these two important 'people' in my life.  'People' only because one is not a human but a domesticated wild kitty. The other is a wild kitty too, but is human. ;)

I was SO happy to come home to my precious, maniac cat, Bleu. The amount of guilt I've had for leaving him behind has been unflippinbearable. And now here we are. Together again. Only he had to give me a good scratchin when I first got home. I understand. I deserved it. You're my boy, bleu!

The other wild kitty in my life is Dustin's sister, Tara Jo.  My new sistah. She's absolutely the most hilarious person I've ever been around. When she's not bored to death visiting me in my po-dunk town and farming it up. ;) I love you sistah.  And here's a photo I snapped of her when I do believe she was feeling 'too cool for school'.

Skittem Bleu

Here's to not killing me when you drove my butt to the grocery store Sat night on your permit license! :)

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