Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Sissy & Nieces

Finally getting around to blogging my Sister and her girls!  We shot this session on the farm in May, and had a blast! I love just letting kids be themselves, and running with them, chasing them for the photos.  It lets their true personality shine. Posing is good for a few (Mamas and Gmas love those), but the spirit of their childhood is what you really want to catch and lock up in a mason jar. Childhood is awesome.

Love my girls!

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  1. Emmmmyyyyyyyy! It's Tiffany Davidson and how I've gotten to this blog I'm not quite sure but I'm really really thrilled to see you again, and have a "link" of sorts. I am in a morning hustle on my way to work, I look forward to catching up.

    Hope you are well :]

    Love to ya