Thursday, July 1, 2010

Alex + Megan

I have a story to tell, and it relates to the photos, promise.  [well sort of]...

Myself, my brother, sister and cousins would always go back on the farm with Papaw in the summertime.  We'd build forts, swim in the creek, collects creek rocks, play with the cats (well the boys would help Papaw and us girls would play with the cats;), and explore non-stop.

One day while riding down the lane with Papaw (all of us kids were in the back), we decided to play a game: see who can sit on the tailgate the closest to the edge without falling off (we were smart, eh?).   The problem here, is that my Papaw had a glass eye and couldn't hear very well.  He also had George Jones blaring up front most of the time.

We started out taking turns, inching our little bottoms closer and closer to the edge of the tailgate. Then it came Alex's turn, and guess what? He won the game, before losing. :) Papaw was crossing the creekbed and bump, PLOP, out goes Alex! Luckily it was a spot where the creek was pretty low.  I kid you not, poor Alex ran behind the truck, in all the dust, for at least a half a mile.  All while all of us were smacking the top of the cab and hollering "PAPAW! STOP! PAPAW!!!" Eventually Papaw heard our cries and Alex made it out okay.  I will never forget that memory of Alex. One of our many adventures on the farm.  

I promised this would relate, so I said all that to say that my cousin Alex and his wife, Megan, have been married for 6 years on July 3rd.  They have been thru a lot as a couple, and have only become stronger thru the years.  Always the house to go play Apples to Apples at, not to mention cornhole! So I was pleased to photograph them when I was back home last May on their farm.  Their love is definitely still there, all the kissing and playfulness was amazing to watch (and photograph!).  I can only hope that 6 years after marrying I can have that same amazing love, too.  

Happy 6th Anniversary Alex & Megan!!! We love ya!!!

And here's a little video of our session, just because...

Megan + Alex from emrose on Vimeo.

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