Thursday, November 19, 2009

Oldies but Goodies.

I have been going thru all my old photos from back in the day, it has sprung up some pretty sweet memories and some embarrassing edits to say the least. It's always good to look back and see where you were and how everyone looked.  'The good ole' days' seem to be piling up in my hard drive very quickly and quietly.  I want to post old pictures, and give them more of a life, you know- instead of being filed in digi-land standing like little soldiers waited to be called on. :) Here's the first of many.  I might make this a regular thing. You just never know.

Look at this sweet baby, her name is Saydee.  I was privileged to shoot her a couple years (?) ago, and looking forward to shooting her again, very soon. Babies just grow way too fast!!


  1. I remember the first time I saw picturs of Detra's little gal and was struck by how beautiful this child is. Those eyelashes are to DIE for. Great pic Emily!

  2. Our little Saydee Bug....So blessed to have her a part of our family now.....Whitney and Matt make the cutest couple and Whitney just loves her....